Photo Tiles

Celebrate life's remarkable milestones, favorite pets

and grand achievements.

Engraved photo tile celebrating birth of a baby.
Engraved photo tile memorializing favorite pet.
Engraved photo tile awar for graduating soccer player.
The Perfect Gift Idea – A Uniquely Personal Award


Celebrate best friends, graduations, the birth of a baby, or a 50-year wedding anniversary. Photo Tiles are the perfect gift for all your friends and family.


Photo Tiles perfectly capture the unique personalities of our fury friends. They also make great awards for local shows and competitions.


Photo Tile awards are a unique way to honor your players and teams. They also make a great end-of-season gift for your graduating players or favorite coach.  

Contact us today to submit your favorite photos. 

The Details

$42.50 ea.

(includes shipping & handling)

  • 4.25-inch square ceramic tile set in personalized 5.75-inch wood frame.

  • Black and white laser engraving.

  • Wall and desk mount options included with each frame.

Submitting Photos
  • For best results, we recommend using a high-resolution JPG file from a digital camera or quality smart phone. 

  • Close in headshots and images with simple backgrounds are ideal.

  • Photos may be submitted in color or black and white.

  • Contact us for help in selecting the best images for reproduction.  We'll work with you to crop and edit your photos as needed to create a beautifully engraved tile.